The Dangers of Bird Guano on site

November 28 , 2016

Burnfield Demolition are currently working within the closed down Homlea Primary School, stripping out water damaged ceilings and floors for Campbell Construction Group. The building is going to be turned into flats and housing incorporating the period features of the school.

The main danger within this property is the sheer amount of pigeon guano that has built up, unchecked for years, within the roof space, as the school has lay empty and derelict. Operatives must wear protective suits and RPE to avoid the guano dust which can contain extremely dangerous microorganisms – Psittacosis – HSE Guide. It can cause severe reactions and even death so safety is paramount when removing the guano.

All timbers are cleaned and sprayed to remove any trace of guano, leaving the area clear for the main contractor to start it’s building program.