Bath Street, Glasgow – City Centre Strip Out

March 2, 2022

Burnfield Demolition is currently undergoing a large strip out project of the former Royal Bank of Scotland office space in Bath Street, Glasgow City Centre for the client The Elanic Clinic , one of the UK’s leading cosmetic clinics.

Strip outs normally entail the removal of the entire fixtures and fittings within the space, often removing all material to leave only the steel structure and concrete base. The removed materials are separated and recycled for reuse, hazardous materials such as asbestos will also be removed before the strip out commences. Services such as electricity, gas and water are also made safe.

Special consideration has to be taken for sprinkler systems and air conditioning units to be decommissioned before being stripped out. Office spaces often include lifts which may have to be removed, this includes the heavy motor systems and all encompassing rails and cables.

The end product is a clean and safe space where the new building contractor can start work on their respective project.