Burnfield Demolition provides the following services:

bulletHand Demolition
bulletMachine Demolition
bulletFaçade Retention
bullet24hr Emergency Call out
bulletAsbestos Removal
bulletSoft Strip Team
bulletSpecialist Demolition

Hand Demolition

We offer hand demolition as a service when machines cannot gain access or there are adjoining structures which are to be preserved and/or have members of the general public in close proximity.

A number of our clients also require Burnfield Demolition to hand demolish/preserve historic buildings, where the stonework and masonry is catalogued and mapped by our team to enable creation offsite in a new environment.

Machine Demolition

Burnfield Demolition uses demolition rigs raining from small to large dependent upon the project requirements. All machines have FOPS installed over all cabs, this ensures that the machines can be used in dangerous or unstable environments.

We use demolition specific machine attachments such as a 360 degree grab, concrete pulveriser, riddle bucket and magnet, the later two enabling less waste going to landfill.

Facade Retention

Burnfield Demolition offers a fully site specific service which incorporates design, certification, construction and dismantling of facade retention systems.

We have experience of semi-permanent structures with public footpath and kentledge right through to temporary retention systems.  All designs are carried out by a qualified structural engineer.

24hr Emergency Call Out

In emergency situations our 24 hour call out teams will respond quickly and effectively to your request for assistance.

Burnfield Demolition has considerable experience of working alongside the Fire Brigade, Police and Building Control and will move swiftly and professionally to limit the immediate danger to people and property.

Asbestos Removal

Whenever we are required to deal with the removal of asbestos under Licence as required by the HSE, we employ the services of one of our trusted specialist licensed contractors.

Burnfield Demolition can and do remove Category B Asbestos and all of our operatives are trained and qualified to work at this level thanks to our yearly training matrix.

Soft Strip Team

Large commercial units and offices are now increasingly being altered for reuse, we offer a professional soft strip team that can carry out structural alterations such as cutting service tracks or ducts from concrete as the area is being stripped back.

All our operatives are skilled in using small demolition appliances to render the area clear without the need for large machinery or excess noise, this means work can be carried out within live office blocks.

Groundworks & Building

The construction and fabrication of car parking areas, general tar macadam, road repairs and creation of bunds or simple ground clearance are services that we have considerable experience in.

Burnfield Demolition also offers onsite building services and employs bricklayers and joiners to carry out any such remedial works or simple build projects.

Specialist Demolition

We also offer our highly skilled services and experience to companies with unconventional structures or buildings that prove difficult to demolish/make safe and require a specialist demolition plan, such as wind turbines or aircraft engine testing bays.

Robotic Brokks are also often used to ensure the health & safety of operatives, especially when working in dangerous areas.

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