Old Rutherglen Road ‘B listed’ Mill Buildings Strip out & Demolition

March 7, 2022

Westpoint Homes have appointed Burnfield Demolition to demolish and strip out the existing properties at a Brownfield site in the Old Rutherglen Rd, New Gorbals area of Glasgow. The buildings are separated into a B listed former William Wisemans/Two Max Knitwear Mill and former NHS Health Services buildings. All buildings will have hazardous materials such as asbestos removed before the strip outs and machine demolition begins.

Burnfield Demolition also specialise in hand demolition which will also be required in this project due to the listed building status and proximity to existing buildings and public space off site.

The listed, mill building strip out will leave the building in a fit and clean state, enabling the client, Westpoint Homes to facilitate the transformation of a place of work into flatted accommodation.

92 flats are currently proposed within the space.