NFDC Accredited Site Audit Scheme approval for Burnfield Demolition

December 9, 2010

As part of our membership of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors we are required to undergo a rigorous annual site audit.

This year our audited site was in Cambuslang, Glasgow. The clients for this particular site were the Campbell Construction Group and West of Scotland Housing Association.

Although the project was small in terms of contract value it involved many complex elements including

  • asbestos removal
  • fly tipping
  • buried fuel tanks

Having improved and implemented our own site audit systems this year there has been a definite improvement in our performance on site, achieving high standards of safety throughout all of our sites. This has indeed been demonstrated by the successful completion and attaining of the Quality Assurance certificate shown above for the Accredited Site Audit Scheme for the second year in succession.