Clydebank Tower Blocks to be Demolished by Burnfield Demolition

November 14, 2019

Burnfield Demolition have started works in East Clydebank to demolish four tower blocks and multiple flatted maisonettes on behalf of the Campbell Construction Group.

Works have included a comprehensive asbestos removal program, which was completed by GreenAir Environmental and a complete soft strip by Burnfield Demolition to enable the demolition of the towers and flats.

The demolition of the towers requires particular attention due to the proximity of main roads and a local primary school, not to mention the busy west coast trainline to the rear of the site. Due to the towers all having panelled cladding it was decided that cladding from the upper floors will be removed to prevent any blowing across onto the nearby sensitive areas during the tower demolition works.

As you can see from the images the hoist that was used in subzero conditions was one of the largest on the market.